Winsford & District Angling Association
Established 1908
daves of middlewich

Website news updated 18th September (2015)

We are a local northwest open angling club with no
joining fees, no waiting lists, no publicity bans and
no nonsense fishing. We offer quality fishing for most
species, either pleasure angling a quiet secluded stretch
of river or seeking a larger quarry, and we host regular
fixtures for the match angler including various opens
and club based formats.
Whatever your angle, WDAA has something to offer
you on one of the cheapest open association
permits available in Cheshire.

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Invasive non-native species can have
a damaging impact on British plants,
animals and ecosystems – by spreading
disease, competing for habitat and
food and direct predation.
As a water user, you may unknowingly
be helping to spread invasive species
from one water body to another in
equipment, shoes and clothing.
Help stop this happening by following
three simple steps:

Your attention is also drawn to
the Environment Agency
guidelines as to the approved
methods and rigs to be used
on WDAA waters. All members
are requested to adhere
to these guidelines

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