established 1908


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12 months angling
postcode cw7 2pf

This pool is rich in wildlife with reed warblers and reed buntings, grass snakes,
even bitterns, and a really pleasant water to fish. And dont be surprised to see a
few toads walk past your rods. It sits on the site of the old saltworks that used to
exist until the late 40s when it was demolished, in places remnants can be seen.
It is a heavily weedy pool but because of this also a very rich pool both above and
below the water with a steep bluebell wooded east bank and an inlet for the fields
floodwater at the far end of the pool which can change the water colour overnight,
the controlled outlet runs under your feet at the gate entrance into the Weaver .

The gate operates with a WDAA key. Please do NOT park inside the gate if
possible and especially not in bad weather. Further reckless incidents of parking
inside the gate in bad conditions will result in the facility being removed.
It is meant strictly for the less able anglers.

The pool contains Roach, Rudd, Perch, Tench, Bream,very occasional Crucians,
numerous Pike to 20lb plus and Carp with plenty of doubles and some near 30lb.
In 1999 the water was stocked with 40 grass carp. To protect these fish from
mouth damage, Grass carp are not to be retained in nets or weighed in matches

It is now gated off from public access by the association to prevent the constant
flow of cyclists,dog walkers and the like as it lies alongside the public footpath
and can be mistaken for the route of the Weaver valley parkway .
Night fishing is available.
No keepnets to be used during the close season under any circumstances.
This water requires a work party stamp 
    to fish during the closed season. 
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