established 1908


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Day tickets anglers must abide by the association rules.
If you are fishing lures you MUST be in possession of an unhooking mat
and a landing net with a span of at least 16 inches or larger . Any anglers
found without this basic equipment will be asked to leave the water.
All fish must be returned to the water.
Day tickets are available on the bank from Rilshaw lane down to
Newbridge at a cost of £5. Day tickets are not available on the
upper Weaver stretches.

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All members shall observe the proper closed season on rivers Weaver and Dane.
Unless mutually agreed anglers must allow 15 yards space on the river bank or
pool side between themselves and the next adjoining angler. Where permanent
pegs are available these are to be used. No angling is allowed between pegs.
Members are requested to co operate with the water bailiffs , keepers and
officials to comply with their reasonable requests and if so requested to produce
for inspection a membership permit. Any member on production of his own
membership permit may request members to produce theirs for inspection.
Dogs must not accompany anglers fishing in association waters.
All fish caught in association waters wether in match fishing or otherwise
must be returned to the water at the end of the angling session.
Camping on the land adjoining the associations waters is prohibited except
with the express consent of the riparian owner. No alcohol or drugs.
Portable radios are banned unless used with personal earphones.
No barbel or carp to be retained in keepnets except barbel in bona fide matches.
Members fishing for carp, barbel or pike must be in possession of an adequate
unhooking mat and a sufficiently large landing net.
The use of leadcore annd tungsten leaders is banned on all waters.
All forms of nuts are banned. No fires. All litter must be removed from your peg
wether yours or not. Spectators must hold a spectator permit.
Anglers must be in possession on a valid rod licence and observe the rod limits
for the respective waters. All anglers must observe the arrival/departure times
for each respective water.

For rules relating to night fishing please refer to that section.

For rules relating to closed season fishing please refer to that section.

For a full comprehensive list of rules please refer to the pdf.