established 1908


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marked pegs
postcode cw8 2az

Many years ago this was an association water and WDAA are proud to once
again have Rookery pool on its list of quality waters within the permit.
Rookery is an excellent water,and is an ideal location for a tench session.
Very quiet and scenic, it also holds big bream , a few carp, lots of perch and
good rudd shoals. And of course pike.The water is very weedy in places and
abounds with large lilly beds and snags, and fishes well for the thinking angler.
There are more than a fair share of water insects around, so if you're
susceptible an insect repellant might be a good idea.
The pegs are situated on the island and on the banks facing the golf club.
There is no access or fishing allowed from the bank occupied by the golf club.
Please refer to the map in your Membership book, or to the map on the
notice board in the car park. A key is required for the lock on the car park.
In order to access the fishery from the Association car park (opposite Monkey
Lodge on Whitegate Road), members must follow the path through
the small wooded area next to the car park and then continue down the public
footpath adjacent to the fence which runs along the left hand side of the golf
course,the public footpath continues all the way around the back of the pool.
All pegs are facing the golf course, or on the island, where there are just two pegs.
This water is right in the middle of Vale Royal Abbey golf course,this means
careful access to the water, around the tee and fairway of the seventh hole.
The wood around the pool is part of the ancient vale royal wood and at around
over 400 years old and contains some giant redwoods,
so be respectful of the surroundings and remove all litter.

Please be very conscious of the litter , we are granted access to the water from the
golf club and they are concerned about litter and about all other aspects of our
presence. Any member caught or even reported for crossing the golf course will be
banned from the Association. Due to the sensitivity of this water we ask
that members pay particular attention to the rules regarding litter and fires ,
offenders risk the loss of their permit. There are no excuses !
Night fishing is allowed for 3 members per night, book your night at
Junior members wishing to fish this water must be
accompanied by a senior or senior citizen member of the Association at all times.
This water requires a work party stamp to fish during the closed season.
No keepnets to be used under any circumstances.