established 1908


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12 months
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Tommy’s Hole is actually owned by WDAA, but up to recently it was
probably the one of the most neglected waters in our portfolio. 
 The water is stream fed by Petty pool brook which brings a lot of sandy
silt with it and over the years the silt trap that is at the entrance to pool
filled up and the sand gradually built up a large sand bank which
covered about a third of the pool. 
So in early 2016 a plan was put together to bring the pool back to life.
The old rickety bridge over the outlet stream has been replaced with a
new very sturdy bridge and a small foot bridge was placed across the
inlet which means for the first time in many years you can walk all the
way around the pool.
There is a good head of mixed fish species in the pool, with Carp
present up to about 9lbs.  During early 2017 a contractor was engaged
and the sand bank has been completely dug out and the banks
have been landscaped. There is still plenty to do and the work is
ongoing, Plans for Lily beds, permanent pegs, and further species
of fish to be introduced as the pool becomes re-established.
Give it a LOOK you will be surprised at how much it has improved; also
there are no plans for any cattle grazing on the surrounding fields for at
least the next couple of years.



The pool is now open all year round for angling

Parking is minimal across from the old millhouse.